Alameda Naval Base / by Brenda (Hartshorn) Licitra

It feels good to be done moving and be able to do my personal photography projects again on weekends.  I had heard that there were businesses that were taking over Alameda Naval Base and was curious how much it had changed over the last 15 years since I had last been there.  The base itself shut down in 1997 and not many of the buildings have been kept up.  Since the location itself was shady at best, I decided to go with a photography colleague and friend, you can check out his photography site at

The clouds were pretty epic this weekend, which works great for the visible spectrum but less so for IR and UV.  I didn't even attempt to take any UV images since the cloud cover was just to thick.  There was however just enough breaks in the clouds that IR came through with a nice rich contrast in the sky.  There wasn't much life and light to do any kind of IR image study, so I desaturated most of the photos to just capture that old feel.