Light to Shadow our Illnesses / by Brenda (Hartshorn) Licitra

I was reviewing some of my ministry notes and came across a journal entry that I would like to share.

Background Info
After my diagnosis of celiac disease, I felt called to serve the sick by bringing the Host to them. Since I can only consume communion through the cup, I understood this deep longing that people in care homes must have also for the Eucharist.  My role in the ministry is primarily to act as a substitute minister once or twice a month.  As a result, I end up meeting new people all the time by visiting the different care homes in Stockton.  This is a short entry about one of those encounters.

July 28, 2013
There was a man laying down in something that wasn't exactly a wheelchair, but more of a mobile recliner.  He didn't move the entire service and his eyes were distant.  He may have had MS, as he didn't look that old and not appear to have much control of his body.  It was also apparent that his mind was on the way out.  I couldn't tell if anything I was saying was reaching him.  When it came time to pass out the bulletins, I realized that this person may not even be able to hold the pieces of paper I was about to offer.  I stood there and then he looked up at me.  I smiled and gestured the bulletin towards him.  He immediately lit up with joy that someone wanted to give him something.  We smiled at each other.  It was beautiful.  I may not be able to offer much help, but simply being there seems to make a difference sometimes.

While putting together this giant jigsaw puzzle of our lives, sometimes we will encounter pieces that don't fit.  This is because they actually don't belong to us at all.  Recognize that piece of you that needs to be shared with someone else.  God bless.