Liking the Lichen / by Brenda (Hartshorn) Licitra

I had a lazy day on the water this weekend. I went out to Lake McSwain with my parents on their boat.  It is one of the few reservoirs that are being kept full during the drought.  In comparison, the larger reservoir up river, Lake McClure, has drop over 100' of water revealing old structures that have been underwater for many years.  To get an idea of how much less volume that is, back in December it was estimated that the lake was only at 23% capacity.

It's Alive!

I think the most interesting thing (from an analytical view) that I photographed was some moss and lichen that was growing on a rock.  After slight processing, the moss and lichen were a very prominent blue indicating that it was indeed very much alive and reflecting quite a bit of IR.  

Oh my deer...

Other interesting comparisons is where you can see the grass by the water still glowing a bit blue in contrast with the dead grass further up the hill. Visually, all of the grass looked dead to me so it is cool to see that some of the grass by the water was still hanging in there.  I will have to take some normal visual spectrum photos for comparison in the future.  The deer photographed normally with no detectable differences, so fur reacts much differently than skin to IR.  

Hue-mor me

My little self-portrait of my feet ended up actually being an interesting photo as it shows that IR can see through nail polish.  I had not painted my toes for a couple weeks, so they are horribly chipped.  Other than the shine difference from the natural nail to the orange polish, there is no visual tone, color, or value difference.  I think I will experiment more with what paint and ink does in IR... I might need to find some people with tattoos.  Living in California, this should not be a hard quest at all.

Just for fun

I did a little alternative processing. For landscape photos that I'm not trying to analyze, I'm enjoying the look of switching the red and blue channels. The skies are so vibrant and you might say the land is just radiant ;)