Lindsey Stirling / by Brenda (Hartshorn) Licitra


On Sunday, I went to the Golden Gate Park to attend the Now & Zen Concert featuring one of my favorite musician, Lindsey Stirling.

I played violin for a few years until I broke my left wrist in such a way that I was never able to play again.  Ever since, my heart has been longing for that beautiful, rich bodied sound of the violin.  My ribs must ring at the same frequency because I can feel the sound penetrate deep within my chest.  Some call that love, I say it's hertz.

She is truly an amazingly talented person, I highly recommend seeing her play in person.

Some great songs include: 


Images were shot using my Infrared DSLR. However, it was unfortunately overcast that day, so there is minimal IR effect that can be seen in the images.