Motion Controlled Time Lapse / by Brenda (Hartshorn) Licitra

Save the Bay

I've been helping Save the Bay with local area cleanups to help restore our waterways to their natural habitat.  Getting down in the mud and seeing our environment on Saturday mornings has given me a better appreciation for those marshy areas that get a bad reputation for smelling bad.  I've visited a number of different marshes from the delta, South Bay, and California's coast.  I've have found that the only one that smell completely rancid is in North San Jose.  Its probably got a multiplier effect on it for being the very corner of that end of the bay for sediment stagnate and the fact that we have decreased the amount of spongy wetlands that use to exist.  We've developed a lot of our natural shoreline by creating salt ponds and building on top of it.

Motion Controller

Syrp Geni

I rented the Syrp Geni to add a little something extra to my time lapse of the South Bay. It has the capability of doing still and video with lateral shifts or degree rotations over time.  The motor is pretty loud, so I wouldn't advise doing video unless you plan to just use it as B-roll with other audio.

My Time Lapse

I had the controller on a track that moved about a meter over the course of an hour, which didn't result in very much motion since my subject was a landscape.  I should have created a much longer track or found a smaller subject.  To add a little more dimension, I also started with the focus on the tulies and then shifted to the clouds.  For an initial test of the equipment I've learned enough that I feel confident doing a much longer one this coming weekend.  In the past the only controller I've used was the Mumford's Time Machine, which is a great device for doing high speed work.

Update: San Francisco

This was taken from Treasure Island which allows for a great view of the whole SF Skyline.