In a World... / by Brenda (Hartshorn) Licitra

The Eastern Sierra's are used as Hollywood's backdrop for films set in the Old West, Middle East, Asia, a land far-far away, and one where you may boldly go.  If you've traveled along HWY 395, it is easy to understand why.  Driving North, the landscape changes drastically over the time span of a few hours as the elevation raises from the tumbleweed traveling desert to the snow capped peaks which are the highest in the contiguous US.  I have a lot of exploring ahead of me and many more posts to come.

Tuffa mia!

The tufa towers and sand tufa at Mono Lake is something... something I'm having a hard time putting into words.  What's important is that it's different- go see it.

I first learned about Mono Lake after watching a KVIE special called California Gold on the location.  We periodically watched these in school to learn about California's history and everything it still had to offer.  All the kids would laugh, mock the opening credits, and kept each other's unspoken secret that we actually loved the episodes.  We grew up in Stockton, images of anywhere not Stockton was a treat.  The show was hosted by Huell Howser who was from Tennessee and was amazed by everything.  He would often derail his own interviews by being distracted by something.  It was hilarious.